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[IMP-dev] connectivity restraints

hi all,

i noticed that the connectivity restraint must have changed at some point:
i want to impose a restraint on two proteins, each consisting of
several particles. thus, i am interested in restraining the closest
pair between the two proteins. whereas the following code did what i
need previously it now calculates all against all distances (including
intra-protein distances) - which is not what i want.
i'd be grateful if anyone could tell me how i need to change my pseudo code:

prot1 = [part1,part2,part3]
prot2 = [part4,part5,part6]
ufu = IMP.core.TruncatedHarmonicUpperBound( span, k, stddev, 2.)
pairsc = IMP.core.SphereDistancePairScore(ufu, IRAD_KEY)
connrest = IMP.core.ConnectivityRestraint(pairsc)
for pps in [prot1,prot2]:

to be explicit: the code now restrains distances in prot1 and prot2,
which is what i do not want. i only want the inter-protein distances
to be considered...




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