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Re: [IMP-dev] One final attempt to stir discussion before I give up on IMP svn

Ben Webb wrote:
Daniel Russel wrote:
If you feel others are going to be using this stuff, it's probably better in the long term to keep it in the main IMP repository, just like domino and impEM.
I think people are already using the Nonbonded lists and stuff. Definitely easier if everything is in the same place.
Trivial that way to keep it in the nightly builds (so that you can see when the tests fail, for example). And moving a file between modules in the same repository preserves history. Access rights would be the same of course - only downside (depending on your perspective) is that the SVN server enforces code standards.
As long as I can check things in, I don't really care where it is. I also would like to be able to add tests to scons for external libraries.

How do the python library names work for sub-libraries? i.e. IMP is _IMP.so so what is IMP.em? Does it just go in a dir called IMP in your python path?

It'll just be called _em.so, since that's the name of the module. The build system would be responsible for installing that into the IMP directory.
So you propose that when impEM is built, the _em.so gets copied to the kernel/pyext/IMP dir? If we are copying things around like that, why not have central place in svn for all the libraries and pyexts to go so that the impX.sh scripts don't have to be so complicated.