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Re: [IMP-dev] [IMP-commits] r566 - in trunk/kernel: include/IMP include/IMP/internal pyext src src/restraints src/score_states

Daniel Russel wrote:
-                                     && o.cvoxel_ == o.evoxel_
-                                     || curp_ == o.curp_);
+                                     && (o.cvoxel_ == o.evoxel_
+                                         || curp_ == o.curp_));
This changes the logic and I don't think it is correct.

g++ 4.3 gets very uneasy about bunches of && and || without explicit parentheses, so I put them in. It's entirely possible I put them in the wrong place though...

BTW, what didn't gcc 4.3 like with the Keys? Thanks.

It didn't like this line in AttributeTable.h, because the Key typedef hides the Key class:
  typedef Key<T> Key;

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	- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle