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Re: IMP/BALL and directory structure

Daniel Russel wrote:
A couple more comments:
I think we need to think about what happens when IMP gets installed by an end user. It is nice if they can install the headers (in /usr/include for example) and then build projects that look more or less like ours. This requires all headers which add things to the IMP namespace sitting in directories called IMP among other things. I don't know what the right thing to do with python stuff is.

Well, this is already the case with the exception of the headers. The shared libraries and Python extensions already should get put in sensible places by 'scons install' (try it - you may find prefix= useful though). I didn't install the headers because nobody has asked for them yet. But it makes sense to split internal from external headers (currently the distinction is simply that internal headers aren't installed).

I would also suggest that each project: kernel, rsr etc have a separate root level scons file so that it really is separate and I don't have to keep a copy of everyone else's code around. It can refer to ../tools for example to get shared defs.

True - this would also simplify the build system. But we may need to revisit it if we build a very complex set of interdependent modules.

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