IMP  2.4.0
The Integrative Modeling Platform
restraint_io.h File Reference

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files. More...

#include <IMP/rmf/rmf_config.h>
#include "link_macros.h"
#include <IMP/base/object_macros.h>
#include <IMP/kernel/Restraint.h>
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 Synonym for IMP::kernel.
 Support for the RMF file format for storing hierarchical molecular data and markup.

kernel::Restraint I/O

kernel::Restraints are written as am RMF::FEATURE node with subnodes for the decomposed restraints (kernel::Restraint::create_current_decomposition()). The kernel::Restraints::get_last_score() value is what is saved to the file, so make sure that the restraints have been evaluated before saving a frame.

Any particles returned by kernel::Restraint::get_input_particles() that are also linked in the RMF file will be included in the RMF file as inputs for the kernel::Restraint. This allows external software like e.g., Chimera to associate these restrains with a certain set of particles.

void IMP::rmf::add_restraints (RMF::FileHandle fh, const kernel::Restraints &hs)
void IMP::rmf::add_restraints (RMF::NodeHandle fh, const kernel::Restraints &hs)
void IMP::rmf::add_restraint (RMF::FileHandle fh, kernel::Restraint *hs)
kernel::Restraints IMP::rmf::create_restraints (RMF::FileConstHandle fh, kernel::Model *m)
void IMP::rmf::link_restraints (RMF::FileConstHandle fh, const kernel::Restraints &hs)
void IMP::rmf::add_restraints_as_bonds (RMF::FileHandle fh, const kernel::Restraints &rs)
void IMP::rmf::set_maximum_number_of_terms (RMF::FileHandle fh, unsigned int num)

Detailed Description

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files.

Copyright 2007-2015 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Definition in file restraint_io.h.