IMP  2.4.0
The Integrative Modeling Platform
geometry_io.h File Reference

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files. More...

#include <IMP/rmf/rmf_config.h>
#include <IMP/display/declare_Geometry.h>
#include <RMF/NodeHandle.h>
#include <RMF/FileHandle.h>
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 Synonym for IMP::kernel.
 Support for the RMF file format for storing hierarchical molecular data and markup.

Geometry I/O

The geometry I/O support currently handles geometry composed of

Other types can be supported when requested. Be aware, many more complex geometry types are automatically decomposed into the above types and so, more or less, supported.

void IMP::rmf::add_geometries (RMF::FileHandle file, const display::GeometriesTemp &r)
void IMP::rmf::add_geometries (RMF::NodeHandle parent, const display::GeometriesTemp &r)
void IMP::rmf::add_static_geometries (RMF::FileHandle parent, const display::GeometriesTemp &r)
display::Geometries IMP::rmf::create_geometries (RMF::FileConstHandle parent)
void IMP::rmf::link_geometries (RMF::FileConstHandle parent, const display::GeometriesTemp &r)

Detailed Description

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files.

Copyright 2007-2015 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Definition in file geometry_io.h.